EZ-Rider App

Welcome to ez-rider

ez-rider is a new app which will revolutionize the way you travel. Open the app, and instantly hail yourself a cab!

Coming Soon!

Don't know where you are?

We do! ez-rider uses state of the art GPS tracking technology to send cabs directly to your position!

Know what you're getting into

ez-rider calculates an estimate of your journey before you get into the cab, so you know what you will pay.

Don't get caught in the rain!

ez-rider shows you where your taxi is at all times, so you aren't left waiting for hours in the cold or rain!

Optimized wait time

ez-rider allows you to choose the closest taxi to your location, so you are never waiting for long.

Tired of Making Phone Calls?

ez-rider allows for hailing a cab without any human interaction, whatsoever.

Feeling Lazy?

Let us pick a taxi for you if you're not up for the task. ez-rider even let's you choose your favorite taxi company!

Extremely Simple. So intuitive, it'll blow your mind

ez-rider is built on the HTML5 powerhouse, suplimented with javascript. The ease of use, and intuitive design will leave you breathless.

Oh yeah, it's that good. See for yourself.

Simply load up the map and pick from a plethora of available taxies, right in your area. See how long it will take, and the total cost before you book!

Keep an eye on your Taxi!

Watch as your taxi races toward you with record speed. Always know where your taxi is thanks to ez-rider!